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annapurna base camp trek!

Talk about crazy... i meet up with a german, a catalonian, and a lithuanian and we get our stuff in pohkara before being dropped off for this trek. the first part was brutal going uphill, seeing all the stairs going up and down and up and up and then there are the "straight" parts - which are just hills up and down, even if they're not that steep. my legs, a day later from the trekking, are still hurting like nothing else. blisters in awful places and my legs, mostly my legs just screaming in rage.

we would leave early in the morning, like 7 or 8am, and then hike anywhere from 4 to 6 hours a day, which would have us doing about 8-10km. maybe more. we never got an exact range in km because it's really hard to tell when you're just going up and up and up and down and up again. we would get to the place where we'd stay for the night around lunchtime, and then we'd just hang out, have dinner, and go to bed by 8 or 9pm. the food got kind of boring and the tea was like whatever, but hey. it was food. it was so strange wearing so many clothes to bed and being in a sleeping bag and under a comforter and there being no hot showers and sometimes no electricity period, but it actually wasn't so bad. we met so many cool people trekking from everywhere - france, canada, the philippines, germany, south korea, the netherlands, and all the nepali guides and porters who were a riot most of the time. we started a few parties along the way just so we wouldn't be in bed by like, 730pm.

above 3000m, there was snow. tons of snow. i had to put socks over my sneakers and tie rope around it to get it to hold, which made me the height of nepali fashion. and the girls, god the girls i was with they drove me crazy because they were so worried about altitude sickness, taking raw garlic or eating all the ginger from their ginger tea and taking pills and all this. especially the lithuanian, she was going mad. but then we got to the top.

it made everything worth it.

going down was a lot easier, and we even got to go to a hot spring! or at least it was easier until the very last day - all that exhaustion builds up and up and up and then all of the sudden you feel like crying because every step just burns through your legs. i had to take six ibprofen pills just so i wouldn't break down. it was nuts.

overall, it was so satisfying to do. i wouldn't do it again, but i recommend it for others without hesitation. just make sure you're prepared lmfao. i have to admit, we didn't expect so much rain, or so much snow, even our guide was surprised by the weather through our trek. but still, it all worked out and that's all that matters.