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dear creator....


I don't know what to write as an opener besides thank you for playing. thank you for writing/drawing, here's what I'd like out of my entry.

general tropes i love:
1. Enemies to Friends to Lovers
2. "I'm not going to get attached" person says as they fall madly in love
3. Treating each other's wounds/Treating each other while they're sick
4. Domestic fluffy anything
5. Getting freaky at a club
6. Mutual pining
7. Couples that constantly rib at each other but won't let anyone else rib on their SO
8. Comedy (i know this isn't really a trope but anything funny is worthwhile)
9. Failsex

general au scenarios i love:
1. Urban Fantasy AU - magical coffee shops, people shifting between planes on top of sky scrapers, shit like that. Magic users of all sorts, all fantasy races showing up in day to day life, get as creative and wild with it as you like because I'm all for it.
2. High Fantasy AU - Mermaids, witches, fairy courts, gods, humans trying to make sense of it all, alllll that good jazz. Also in this category, Fire Emblem AUs.
3. Mobster/Gang AU - I love all kinds to be honest, from lameo motorcycle gangs to the hardcore 1920's gangs. Violence is always a-okay. Also in this category, Leverage AU (if you haven't watched leverage I SUPER RECOMMEND IT).
4. Dystopian AU, Mad Max Style - you're a stinky outlaw! he's a stinky outlaw! everyone's a stinky outlaw!!!
5. Backpacker/Traveling to try and figure my life out AU - people meeting halfway across the world from their home, people traveling together, people running into each other at all the strangest places.
6. Rule 63 AU - I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooo weak for girls
7. Buddy Cop AU
8. College AU
9. Spy AU - feel free to merge this with Buddy Cop or Mobster/Gang, anything to make it nasty or more fun.
10. Ajin AU - it doesn't have to be exactly like the series, but them with those kind of powers in that kind of world, what would happen? Also im a fucking sucker for romantic guru so hit me up with that shit
11. Band AU/Art School AU

eyeshield 21
Okay, these two fucking monsters are the WORST, so if you write them just have them completely wrecking each other's shit all the time, competing to be the better man and LOVING EVERY STEP OF THE VIOLENCE AND THE CHALLENGE. I love how they clearly respect each other, but also want to rip the other person's throat out and that means everything to me. I need more of it in my life, so you can cut out anything cutesy and domestic and just give me something nasty.
Any AU is fine but seriously don't give me something fluffy, these two don't do fluffy.

On the absolute flip side of the spectrum, I love Hiruma and Kurita for their amazingly supportive friendship and how they manage to push each other to be better in what they're awful at, or at the very least, making up for the other's weaknesses. I'd love anything that would explore that, how they don't really have anything in common besides football and how it bloomed into them growing and getting better together. Bonus is them getting together, smooching, figuring out each other the new relationship way. Double bonus - Hiruma is nervous as FUCK about it and not wanting to mess up. Triple bonus - have you realized how their body types are also total opposites wow wouldn't it be fun to touch on that HUH HM.
Any AU is also fine.

look okay LOOK!!! One, they're datafuckers, two, Yukimitsu might be meek but he wouldn't have stayed or even tried to join the football team if he wasn't enamored in some way with Hiruma's violent charisma, three, Yukimitsu manages to garner Hiruma's trust and respect as a teammate down the line, and four, if you want to tell me Yukimitsu Manabu hasn't thought about what Hiruma's teeth feel like dragging across his neck in a super M way you are lying because everyone has thought about it and you know the quiet ones have thought about it at least twice. But Yukimitsu and Hiruma would totally act on it, hanging out together making gameplans and getting down.
AUs are fine but I'd almost be more interested to read these two in canon being ridiculous?

The fact this ship doesn't get love is a high level crime. Childhood friends? Check. Plenty of angsty moments to write around (Kid being crushed under his own failures into some sort of depressive slip, Kid running away from home to avoid it, THE MATCH AGAINST THE DINOSAURS)? Check. Them always sticking with each other through all of that no matter what? Check check and triple check. As much as I love their backstory I'd love to see where they go after highschool, how they grow and change yet still stay close, or how they get together, something. I just love them okay!!
Mob AU would be a fun angle on them imo.

Who doesn't love their cute gay relationship, honestly, there isn't nearly enough written about them and I'd take just about anything with them.

**I'm the one person on earth who isn't super into Hiruma/Musashi or Hiruma/Mamori so if you could do me a favor and not write that into my fics please and thank you.

all out!!
first of all - I'm only really caught up with the anime, even though I should read the manga again wooops.
can you believe hachioji already confessed his undying love and fought tooth and nail to have sekizan by his side forever I mean
These two are my favorite in the series and I'd love to see more of their interaction and relationship written out, how they bonded over rugby and got closer and to the point where they're so incredibly comfortable around each other and Sekizan would kill a man for Haichioji. Not to mention that they bring out each other's goofy sides, which is such a cute thing that I love.
I'd be open to all sorts of AU's with them too, because their personalities mesh so nicely and they make such a good power couple.

I love what a shit Ebumi is, but I love that Matsuo is the one who softens some of those nasty edges, makes him chill out. I'd love more with them training together, pushing each other, maybe even a rivalry thing with them?? Or Ebumi egging Matsuo on to be more ruthless, just, man. I'd even love an AU where at first they hate each other then overcome it into getting really into each other, it'd be so sweet.

THIS OT3. MAN. Iwaishimizu and Miyuki start out as good friends, go through a bad breakup. Iwaishimizu finds Gion, learns to love himself a little bit and stop being a mopey shit, Miyuki falls in love with Iwaishimizu and his new boyfriend. Meanwhile Iwaishimizu is so ???? while Gion is ready to FIGHT THIS NEW RIVAL when really they should all be kissing each other. There's a lot there to unpack with their characters and a lot of inexperience that would make this a hilarious, romcom style IS IT A LOVE TRIANGLE?? NO IT'S A THREESOME kind of tale that I sure do love.

If you recognize my UN from SASO this year, it's because I was the captain of team AsaDaiSuga and I absolutely love dying over the three of them. They each balance each other so well, they've been through so much together that it is my fave ship. I also love the idea that they probably didn't come together all at once, but more like an awkward mish-mash of trying to figure out puppy love between them and not knowing what to do with it, or how to confess. If you want to have two of them getting together and then the third coming in that's cool, as long as it's not angsty - I want them all together and happy at the end of it. Or you could write them as already established, working out through their lives, that is also good for me.
Any AUs with these guys, but I won't lie and say I favor a urban fantasy and mob aus for asadaisuga.

I love this captain get together, because Kuroo is dying over all the beef he has, Bokuto is dying because he has not one but TWO hot guys to smooch, and Daichi is dying because his mushy heart never imagined he'd be in a situation like this and be so, so happy. I love the idea that Bokuto and Kuroo get together first but they both have their eyes on Daichi, and Daichi constantly gets nervous about it because he thinks he's the third wheel and shouldn't be around but then they spend all sorts of time making him feel included and loved and making him melt. This would be especially true of Daichi stayed at college in Sendai and Bokuto&Kuroo are still in Tokyo - or something like that.

Similar to above - except Kuroo is the nervous weenie who thinks Daichi and Suga are gonna leave him because they got together first and he's not sure he belongs. Bonuses for Suga getting really close to Kuroo through bad puns and playing gentle pranks on Daichi, double bonuses for Daichi and Suga totally and completely wrecking Kuroo in bed.

wow surprise surprise. The reason I'm asking for daisuga is mostly because I want to read a really, really interesting AU with them that explores them and their relationship in a different setting. I think they'd still be people of responsibility, not that different, but I'm interested in how would they get together if not through school and sports and maybe had magical powers or some shit. Who knows.
And it's not that I don't love the domestic canon fluffy stuff,but sometimes you want something besides ice cream you feel?? If you do write canon, maybe more of... how they manage their friendship long distance, what happens if they fall out of contact and find each other again, do they still feel the same? Or if they stayed close how do they deal with weird feelings when they're both dating around? Something like that, with the hopes that in the end, no matter what the story, they still get together.

are you sensing a theme yet because hahahahaha
What I love the most is how they start as a rivalry but slowly through teasing each other they become good friends and probably also start crushing on each other. They're both the most fascinating compliments of one another: Daichi tries to keep his cunning streak on the inside under his warm sincere smile and caring big-brother attitude so people underestimate him, meanwhile Kuroo wears that cunningness right on his sleeve to scare people and keeps his warm, caring, big brother attitude on the inside for people he cares about.

This is less "I seriously ship it and I want to see more" and more of a "If you think you could write these two defensive backbones of their team as a steady, flourishing relationship where Nishinoya has Daichi living a little and Daichi has Nishinoya appreciating the slow, easy things in life I would be 1208238028% interested and want to read the shit out of it".

TanaNoya + Kiyoko
I love TanaNoya so much, they're good friends who are definitely full homo romo and deserve more fics written about them as such. However, the one thing I REALLY want is for TanaNoya to get Kiyoko to dominate the ever loving fuck out of them. The full nine yards, whips and chains, I'm not even joking fulfill TanaNoya's dreams of having Kiyoko step on them in six inch black heels. Please. For the People.

MMMMMMMMMMM MAN, look. Yaku and Noya have so much respect for each other as liberos and push each other so well, and it's wild because both of them are the super cool supportive friends but in very different respects - Noya is the one who buys you your first round of shots in a liquor he knows won't taste bad, Yaku is the one who makes sure you have water at the end of the night so you don't die. I want more of them interacting, being rivals, smooching, the whole thing. Also, AU's, totally good.

I'm such a sucker for these two, because they clearly seem like the type who would fall in love but never really notice it until all of the sudden it hits them like a train. Just a huge moment of "Oh God That's Why I Always Feel Warm Around Him Oh No". They're always there for each other, and I can see the relationship slowly going from what they have to something far more intimate or more physical, without them thinking twice about it. AUs are also great.

I loooooooove these two, Ushijima just line faces through all of Tendou's jokes and his attempts to rile him up, even though Tendou respects him SO MUCH and Ushijima clearly trusts him oodles. I am pretty open to anything involving the two of them working together and/or getting together, but I won't lie when I say I'd be super duper interested in reading about how Ushijima deals with the fact Tendou quits volleyball after high school, or if he does anything at all, how Tendou feels about it.
That, or I really like fantasy AU's with these two where they're from totally different places and where either (a) Ushijima has to deal with this wild yet endearing weirdo or (b) Tendou has to deal with this very intimidating, extremely hot dude in his home.

GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS!!!!! I would love to see them hanging out, boasting about their brothers, anything. Just give me some cute time with them.

***I really don't like AsaNoya so please do not include that around any fics, pretty please.

MihAbe is the ultimate when it comes to soft comfort ships for me and I want to read about them being tooth-rootingly happy until I die. Give me Mihashi trying to figure out if he loves Abe or if it's just battery devotion. Give me Mihashi crazy nervous about admitting his feelings because he doesn't want to ruin this. Give me Abe just as nervous if not moreso about ruining their battery, knowing that Tajima is right behind him and could take his place because Mihashi and Tajima have such a good friendship. Give me both of them figuring it out, finally, much to the relief of literally everyone around them. Give me Mihashi and Abe working out a long distance relationship. The work of living together, of figuring it out.
I also love AUs because I am a Sucker for that shit, but I think there is a lot of fun that can be done there, about something entirely different making Abe crabby or Mihashi a nervous wreck, and them still overcoming it together.

Tajima would be so open about liking Hanai, being totally down to smooch if he wanted to while Hanai spends so much time flipping the fuck out about it. He doesn't know what to feel! Tajima would be ready to go anytime as long as he's not playing baseball pretty much, so it's all in Hanai's court and he knows it. How long it takes for Hanai to get over it is up to you - does it take a few months? Years? Several girlfriends? I just want to see that dynamic so much, because it's slightly funny to watch Hanai Suffer but also so cathartic for him to finally admit he loves this stupid rival of his and he wants to kiss his mouth.
Also, as usual, AUs are defo good too.

yuri on ice
Does this couple give way to so many things or what. I love the fact that Otabek has been watching for so long, so hard at Yuri from a distance, and now that he's finally closed that gap he feels good in having a friend! And now it's Yuri whose always watching, always taking in what Otabek does next, totally loving it but also super enamored by his skate style, knowing how different it is from his own. I'd like they aged up, being friends for a while but starting to feel other things and both of them, inexperienced as they are, are like oh yeah, friendship! No you silly boys. Gay. I'd also like to see them moving into each other's space, like Otabek in the kitchen with Grandpa Plisesky, or Yuri meeting Otabek's family, stuff like that that just makes them fall even further.
Also, the narrative set these two up so fucking well for a high fantasy AU or a fire emblem AU it's disgusting?? Prince Yuri who just wants to live his life, Knight Otabek who admires him from afar and works for him, or even elf Yuri and half-elf/human Otabek like, it's crazy. Millions of options are there. Take Them.

Chris & Victor
So.... not really a ship, but I am so fascinated by how Chris's relationship with Victor went from "Chris watching from the sidelines getting a flower" to "Chris and Victor sit around in speedos at the edge of a pool Vogue-ing." What events brought them closer? Was it all professional, or did Victor and Chris get it on a few times? Did they even date, or did Chris want to date him, but Victor was so focused on his career he let any potential of 'them' fall to the wayside for gold? Is Chris jealous of Yuuri, who got to do what Victor never did? Or does Chris want to get it on with Victor and Yuuri? I would love for this to be explored in any capacity with a focus on Chris and how it's impacted his career and built up his relationship with skating and Victor.