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pel pel ([personal profile] putsch) wrote2012-05-15 10:16 am

i hit the sidewalk and this is how it starts

Officially graduated from Bryn Mawr College on Saturday. It was probably the most surreal experience of my life. Even now it doesn't seem real.

Nearly all of my family came down, so I got to see them which was nice even though they were like "WE'RE SO PROUD OF YOU!!" the whole time and I kept being like "hAH... yeah.... gREat........" Apparently I was the only one not excited about graduating because the reality of bmc no longer being a part of my life still hasn't hit me. (wait until late august/september, I'm gonna be a bawling mess).

I requested that my parents don't ask me about jobs/future plans until this next upcoming Sunday as a graduation present, so this week will be proper downtime. It's nice.

Sunday just as I was about to leave I realized my dorm key was missing. I spent an hour looking for it but alas, nothing. I left my room unlocked and reported it gone so now I'm just hoping for the best, ie it's found or Bryn Mawr doesn't make me pay for it LMFAO. Woopsie.

I've been playing a lot of Skullgirls. It's really fun and SO pretty. All the backgrounds and sprite animation was hand drawn, and it just looks fantastic. Even the minor characters seem downright fantastic, especially the fish people man they are cuties.

Tonight I'm gonna see Avengers again with my mom and brother. I'm really excited to see it a second time, cause the last time I saw it was the midnight show at King of Prussia so the theater was really loud, I probably missed a few things. Hopefully though I won't be getting emotional over some parts in front of my family that would be kind of embarrassing....

Uh.... nothing else. Legend of Korra is the shit and if you're not watching it then YOU KNOW WHAT


Also to any Rurouni Kenshin fans on here - Nobuhiro is doing a remake series to align with the live-action film. I cannot even begin to explain this excitement.

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