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pel pel ([personal profile] putsch) wrote2012-06-18 04:18 pm
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Does anyone know if it's possible to get money for academic research if you're not a student at university or a professor?

The problem is I have a great idea for a project, but I don't want to go into grad school. Grad school just seems like a bullshit waste of my time and money. I know I can do it, and I have the ideas outlined, I know what I'd need to do in order to get it all done, but I can't do it alone. Like, is that even a thing? Can I be a rouge anthropologist, trying to study the laws and cultures of marijuana and prostitution in order to figure out how to implement both legally in an American context? I've already written a thesis on video games so if I'm going to be a true anthropologist of recreation I might as well go all out.

I've been looking at government grants but I don't think that's what I want, and scholarships are aimed at students and students alone. Anyone got any ideas?

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