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you know how sometimes things seem crazy and then they only get crazier?

that is my life right now.

First of all, I have an exam tomorrow morning. I have not properly studied for it which is why I'm doing that now. GO ME!
Tomorrow I also have to meet with my thesis adviser and somehow bullshit that I've written more than 6 pages to make her not get all up on my case about my progress. HAH. Also the president's dinner is at 6pm... i could skip it but it's free and my friends who went last week said the food was pretty good so i don't really want to.

Then on Wednesday I have my second job interview at 10:30 in the morning IN philadelphia, and then class 1-4pm in bryn mawr. GREAT!

Thursday is the Anthropology Tea.

Friday I told the Working America (who I interviewed with last week) that I would go in with them for a "day on the job", which basically means you go in and hang out with the crew for a full work day to see what they do. The thing is, even though the company seems nice, I already don't want the job at all. It's door to door campaigning monday through friday in Philadelphia 4-9pm, even if it does pay 11.50$ per hour and we do work in pairs it still seems fucking weird to work 1:30-10PM and be expected to get X amount of signatures and raise X amount of dollars per week. Hell even at my interview they mentioned that they are just hiring a ton of people now and will probably do serious cut backs after the elections in November. YEAH WOW THAT REALLY MAKES ME WANT TO FUCKING WORK WITH YOU!!


I don't really have a choice in the matter because it's either take job or deal with the insane wrath of my parents. What I'm hoping is that the interview on wednesday goes well enough where I can just call into Working America and tell them no, I don't want to do this, peace out broski.

Somewhere in the middle of all of this shit, I have to write more of my thesis and work on my human evolution skull portfolio because like a grade a idiot i did no work over the weekend. although to be fair my parents and brother were around all day saturday and then i went drinking cause it was st patty's so hah...................

TO MAKE MATTERS MORE RIDICULOUS, about half an hour ago one of my closest friends from abroad texted me saying he's in Philadelphia until Thursday. Which means if I want to see him I have to somehow squeeze time in on Tuesday or Wednesday which are already hectic as FUCK. He hasn't gotten back to me but I'm assuming whatever time he wants to meet up is going to be insane for me anyway.

I'm already freaking out. I tried to spend today relaxing, getting work done (and I did get quite a bit of writing done), but instead I'm just turning into a stress mess. I've realized I'm not going to get a proper night's sleep until finals are over and done with. I fucking hate this game.

On that note, I need to start calling back to jobs I've already applied to, but I really don't want to. 99% of the jobs I've applied to I'm clearly under-qualified for, I just threw my application out there in hopes of getting anything. And really if no one gets back to me, what's the chance of me calling and them being like "oh shit! we forgot to get back to you! we loved it!" i'll probably just get told off. I really don't want to deal with that shit right now. or ever.

For now, I'm going to try and cram more information about paranthropus and austropithicus before my eyes explode out of my head, maybe have a beer, try to get at least a few hours of sleep.
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spring break is over
back at bryn mawr
already missing video games that aren't on my poopy internet steam connection
did not miss loud annoying people across the hall
not so secretly want to kill them

life is surreal right now. i'm in the last month and a half of my college career, working my ass off on my thesis and trying to find a job. how did this happen? why is it happening? searching for jobs is like whoring out except you're trying to work at a really nice club when you have herpes. trying to hide all the horrible flaws so you don't get abused/can find work outside of a truck stop. it's ridiculous in every way. gotta start doing follow ups too. and writing. so much writing.

fuckin' a dude.
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so i've been playing street fighter x tekken hardcore since last night

let me just talk forever no biggie )

other than playing the shit out of this game i've been applying to jobs for after college & working on my thesis. my parents have been 6 feet up my ass about me applying to jobs every day, my dad thinks i should be sending out at least 50 applications before monday. okay dad. you think that!

silly dad.
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school started up again. I should probably only take 3 classes instead of 4, especially since one (possibly 2) i'm going to take pass/fail so I don't have to worry about them as much in comparison to my thesis. I've started ordering books for all 4 which is kind of stupid of me... but then again i dunno. I feel weird not doing a full course load. I should! But I don't want to. Oops.

Probably will, when it is all said and done. Just will do it pass/fail for ol' times sake.

Gotta work on my thesis too. Get in touch with people, set up interviews, find more articles about community development and online interactions, all kinds of shit. I should have done more over break but I just... didn't. Oh yeah skyward sword well I REGRET NONE OF IT. suchagoodfuckinggame

Been getting hella deep into the BBC Sherlock fandom. Scream. Probably not the best idea... but too late. It's too good to pass up.

Need to work on resumes more. Have things I want to apply to, I just need to do it. I want to work with philly fellows, but it requires a lot of work and getting referrals that I don't know if I can get in time because I just keep forgetting/putting it off. Shoot me now!!

That's pretty much the update of my life.... final semester in college. It's really, really, really weird. I remember making posts about just starting and how excited I was. I was so young and cute then. Now I'm just old, bitter, and sad. How the years have changed me.


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