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my birthday was on tuesday. i'm 22! it's kind of disgusting how old I am, and how much my life is going to change in the next month. but I had fun, my only class for the day started late and got out early, I just relaxed by myself, got sushi for dinner with my friends, then came back to my room with them and had dessert wine and sweets. can't ask for much more than that.

oh and saturday my parents came down, we went to the mall and I bought myself a dress for graduation and got dinner. it was fun except for my dad grilling me about jobs and me nearly breaking down into tears 3 different times in the restaurant. thanks dad!

my thesis is due next friday
i have a presentation for a research paper on wednesday (the actual paper isn't due till the 2nd)
i have my human evolution portfolio due thursday

senior week and graduation is right around the corner, and if i live to see them it will be a miracle.

seriously my thesis is a total mess, i haven't started the research paper. the only thing i'm not worried about is the portfolio. sob!!! i should be working now and not typing this entry but fuq dah popo

well i hope you are all doing better than i am!!
*slams face back into the cheese grater of college work


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