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even though i turned it in yesterday i'm still ungodly happy it's all over with. that was 9 months worth of work, stress, and wanting to tear my hair out finally put to rest. it's like giving birth to a 76 paper child.

tomorrow is may day, then i have a 8-10 page research paper to write and a final to take and then it's senior week fun times and graduation!

A little weird, to be sure. but with my thesis out of the way i feel happy again! it is a good feeling. i did miss it.

now i will spend today being a lazy bum and it will be glorious
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I've got my first job interview later today! I'm a little nervous and a little unsure because the company sounds legit but the job itself sounds shitty. Working hours 1-10:30? Door to door asking for signatures and money? Yeah, um, okay. Maybe not...

I'm also trying to get an interview with US PIRG, because it sounds interesting but they keep wanting to schedule me for interviews at times when I have other commitments and can't haul ass into Philly and back.

And every other place I've applied to? Nothing. Not a peep. Shit sucks.

Tomorrow I gotta go into the arcade again, gather a little extra research for ze thesis. Saturday my parents and brother are coming down, so as my parents go into Philly for a retirement party for one of dad's old friends me and my brother can sit around all afternoon and play video games. 100% pumped for that. It's also St. Patty's day, which means I can go to rock afterwards and drink. Huzzah!

Things have been pretty eventful around here. Skullgirls is coming out on April 4th, Legend of Korra is coming out on April 14th, Undocumented students at my school are getting arrested, I'm single handedly planning the anthro tea, I've got an exam next Tuesday, my favorite professor agreed to be my second reader, and a thesis to write all before April 27th! CRAZINESS I SAY!
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spring break is over
back at bryn mawr
already missing video games that aren't on my poopy internet steam connection
did not miss loud annoying people across the hall
not so secretly want to kill them

life is surreal right now. i'm in the last month and a half of my college career, working my ass off on my thesis and trying to find a job. how did this happen? why is it happening? searching for jobs is like whoring out except you're trying to work at a really nice club when you have herpes. trying to hide all the horrible flaws so you don't get abused/can find work outside of a truck stop. it's ridiculous in every way. gotta start doing follow ups too. and writing. so much writing.

fuckin' a dude.
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god i'm so freaking tired
tomorrow i have one class and then SPRING BREAK!
i leave tomorrow to go home and i am so fucking happy about it. i want to spend the whole week in my pajamas doing as little as possible.

of course in reality i need to start writing my thesis but WHATEVER!! LET'S NOT THINK ABOUT SUCH DEPRESSING THINGS! YEAH! i'll just dream about street fighter x tekken showing up at my doorstep so i can play the everloving fuck out of it.

oh i also have to hold a little interview tomorrow and go hang out at the arcade
son of a bitch i haven't prepared for that
or packed.................

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i think i caught something at winter brawl this weekend because i woke up this morning with a dry-as-fuck throat and i could only breath out of one nostril

fuck me

now my sick insanity is kicking in where now i want to do laundry and wash my sheets like something fierce

maybe i'll even DUST but probably not

winter brawl was awesome though
i do not regret going despite going 0-2 in street fighter

hi dreamwidth
it's been awhile
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sent out emails to my thesis contacts again

thinking about my thesis/interviewing people really makes me want to vomit

i wish i chose a community where i didn't care and respect so much for everyone in it and i wouldn't feel so fucking nervous about everything i did

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school started up again. I should probably only take 3 classes instead of 4, especially since one (possibly 2) i'm going to take pass/fail so I don't have to worry about them as much in comparison to my thesis. I've started ordering books for all 4 which is kind of stupid of me... but then again i dunno. I feel weird not doing a full course load. I should! But I don't want to. Oops.

Probably will, when it is all said and done. Just will do it pass/fail for ol' times sake.

Gotta work on my thesis too. Get in touch with people, set up interviews, find more articles about community development and online interactions, all kinds of shit. I should have done more over break but I just... didn't. Oh yeah skyward sword well I REGRET NONE OF IT. suchagoodfuckinggame

Been getting hella deep into the BBC Sherlock fandom. Scream. Probably not the best idea... but too late. It's too good to pass up.

Need to work on resumes more. Have things I want to apply to, I just need to do it. I want to work with philly fellows, but it requires a lot of work and getting referrals that I don't know if I can get in time because I just keep forgetting/putting it off. Shoot me now!!

That's pretty much the update of my life.... final semester in college. It's really, really, really weird. I remember making posts about just starting and how excited I was. I was so young and cute then. Now I'm just old, bitter, and sad. How the years have changed me.
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