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So this morning I finished playing the game Journey, and it's probably one of the best games I've ever played.

► Storyline: Because there is no dialogue, you have to figure out the story for yourself at the cutscenes. And even then, you don't realize what they have to do with you and your quest until the 4th or 5th cutscene. The focus is on your exploring, the literal journey, not the end point. You don't even think about the ending until you get to the last cutscene.

► Graphics: Stunning. Like, 5000/10, everyone should get on this level kind of graphics. The shimmering sand is so amazing it almost seems like water at times and your character's cloak looks so real you could reach in and feel it. Everything is fluid and every pixel has a purpose. Just amazing. And since you can control the camera, you can zoom in on stuff or pan out to get the full panoramic view of the place, and it's really breathtaking at some times. I was so impressed by it I NEED TO STOP TALKING ABOUT IT LMFAO!!

► Music: I'm currently looking for a download because I want it on my ipod for me to listen to over and over again it was that good. Between that and the graphics it set the atmosphere of the game up perfectly. You get totally immersed in the world.

► Gameplay: The system itself is really simple, you can do three things: walk, fly/jump, or call. You can't die in game because there aren't any enemies (well except at the VERY end but that's not important), and there isn't anything else to do but explore and solve the puzzles. Somehow, that still manages to be entertaining. The visuals&music help distract you from when you're walking through a desert for long periods of time going from point a to point b. There is also a mechanic where if you are online, and other people online are playing Journey, you start playing it together. So if you are playing and all of the sudden there is a random second person with you, THAT'S WHY LMFAO! It's not the computer. Again, this is something the game doesn't tell you about, so if you don't know it kinda sucks.

► Length: The game is about 2 hours long (3 if you do a LOT of exploring, 1 if you rush through it), and I'm not sure if that's a bad thing. I think if it was much longer the game would feel like it was dragging, but with this it felt like just enough of the game. As much as I would've loved it to be longer so I could've enjoyed it more, its probably better this way because you can replay it over and over and never really get bored of it. The game is also pretty freaking easy so that helps the replay value too. Don't have to worry about having to overcome some hideous challenge to finish the game again.

► Overall: You can't go wrong with this game. Unless you are only capable of playing first person shooters with blood and guts everywhere or real-time strategy games with tons and tons of complicated features, BUY IT. So far I think it's only on the PS3, but hopefully it should be released onto other platforms later. 9.5/10 would play again.
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Officially graduated from Bryn Mawr College on Saturday. It was probably the most surreal experience of my life. Even now it doesn't seem real.

Nearly all of my family came down, so I got to see them which was nice even though they were like "WE'RE SO PROUD OF YOU!!" the whole time and I kept being like "hAH... yeah.... gREat........" Apparently I was the only one not excited about graduating because the reality of bmc no longer being a part of my life still hasn't hit me. (wait until late august/september, I'm gonna be a bawling mess).

I requested that my parents don't ask me about jobs/future plans until this next upcoming Sunday as a graduation present, so this week will be proper downtime. It's nice.

Sunday just as I was about to leave I realized my dorm key was missing. I spent an hour looking for it but alas, nothing. I left my room unlocked and reported it gone so now I'm just hoping for the best, ie it's found or Bryn Mawr doesn't make me pay for it LMFAO. Woopsie.

I've been playing a lot of Skullgirls. It's really fun and SO pretty. All the backgrounds and sprite animation was hand drawn, and it just looks fantastic. Even the minor characters seem downright fantastic, especially the fish people man they are cuties.

Tonight I'm gonna see Avengers again with my mom and brother. I'm really excited to see it a second time, cause the last time I saw it was the midnight show at King of Prussia so the theater was really loud, I probably missed a few things. Hopefully though I won't be getting emotional over some parts in front of my family that would be kind of embarrassing....

Uh.... nothing else. Legend of Korra is the shit and if you're not watching it then YOU KNOW WHAT


Also to any Rurouni Kenshin fans on here - Nobuhiro is doing a remake series to align with the live-action film. I cannot even begin to explain this excitement.
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I've got my first job interview later today! I'm a little nervous and a little unsure because the company sounds legit but the job itself sounds shitty. Working hours 1-10:30? Door to door asking for signatures and money? Yeah, um, okay. Maybe not...

I'm also trying to get an interview with US PIRG, because it sounds interesting but they keep wanting to schedule me for interviews at times when I have other commitments and can't haul ass into Philly and back.

And every other place I've applied to? Nothing. Not a peep. Shit sucks.

Tomorrow I gotta go into the arcade again, gather a little extra research for ze thesis. Saturday my parents and brother are coming down, so as my parents go into Philly for a retirement party for one of dad's old friends me and my brother can sit around all afternoon and play video games. 100% pumped for that. It's also St. Patty's day, which means I can go to rock afterwards and drink. Huzzah!

Things have been pretty eventful around here. Skullgirls is coming out on April 4th, Legend of Korra is coming out on April 14th, Undocumented students at my school are getting arrested, I'm single handedly planning the anthro tea, I've got an exam next Tuesday, my favorite professor agreed to be my second reader, and a thesis to write all before April 27th! CRAZINESS I SAY!


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